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Grand Prize: Claire Lewis (Cash Award $200)

1st Place of All Piano Divisions:

  • Melinda Wang (Cash Award $100)

1st Place of All String Divisions:

  • Sohum Aluri (Cash Award $100)

Solo Piano Prodigy I (Ages4-6):

  • 1st Place Isabella Yang

Solo Piano Prodigy II (Ages7-9):

  • 1st Place Lucas Chen
  • 2nd Place Ander Chen
  • 3rd Place Dawn Kim & David Lee

Solo Piano Prodigy III-A (Ages10-12):

  • 1st Place Alan Liu-Sui               
  • 2nd Place Johanna Lee
  • 3rd Place Yunchen Gao & Vicent Liu

Solo Piano Prodigy III-B (Ages10-12):

  • 1st Place Angie Hou
  • 2nd Place Soeun Han
  • 3rd place Dana Kim

Solo Piano Junior (Ages 13-15):

  • 1st Place Jonathan Backues
  • 2nd Place Eric Wang
  • 3rd Place Isabella Liu
  • Honorable Gold Priscilla Lee

Solo Piano Senior (Ages 16-18):

  • 1st Place Michael Chen

Beginner String Division (No Age Limit):

  • 1st Place Sophia Liu
  • 2nd Place Yibin Cai
  • 3rd Place Jasmine Ren

Solo String Prodigy I (Ages4-6):

  • 1st Place Kevin Zheng

Solo String Prodigy II-A (Ages7-9):

  • 1st Place Isabella Chen & Apollo Cai
  • 2nd Place Lucas Ding

Solo String Prodigy II-B (Ages7-9):

  • 1st Place Ethan Yang
  • 2nd Place Ashivad Chourasia
  • 3rd Place Lily Huang & Hanlin Yang

Solo String Prodigy III (Ages10-12):

  • 1st Place Kevin Tran
  • 2nd Place Stephen Zhu & John Yuan
  • 3rd Place Jenny Mengmeng Li

Solo String Junior (Ages13-15):

  • 1st Place Leopold Li
  • 2nd Place Frank Li
  • 3rd Place Chenxin Ni

Young Artist Ensemble:

  • 1st Place Lucas Liu & Connie Tang



American Protege International Music Talent Competition Fall 2017

Violin First Place Winner followed with Carnegie Hall Performance:

Tingting Wang

在2017年暑期即将结束之际,希望音乐学校王雪峰老师带领他的学生们在8月21号-8月25号参加了在香港举行的香港第四节国际音乐节Hong Kong International Music Festival。经过五天的紧张比赛,希望音乐学校团队大获全胜! 满载而归!



First Place Classical Ensemble Category: 

获奖选手为Sohum Aluri, Ivan Li, Maxwell Yao, Katherine Zhang.

少年组小提琴独奏A3组,Junior SoloA3:4th Place

Ivan Li  荣获第四名;

A4组,5th Place

Maxwell Yao荣获第五名;

儿童小提琴独奏组,Toddler Solo: Gold Medal.

Ethan Yang荣获杰出金牌。


Hong Kong International Music Festival San Diego Regoin 2017

Ethan Yang 2nd Place

Ivan Li 1st Place

Maxwell Yao 1st Place

Katherine Zhang 3rd Place

Ensemble 1st Place

Sohum Aluri

Ivan Li

Maxwell Yao

Katherine Zhang


SCMYF 2017

Ronica Najmabadi 2nd place

Southern California Mozart Youth Festival 2016

  • D组: Maxwell Yao 第一名
    • Aiden Wahlmann 第二名
    • Katherine Zhang  第二名
  • B组  Melinda Wang 第二名
    • Ronica Najmabadi 第二名


  • Hope String Orchestra 优秀表演奖。
  • 儿童组:
    • Ivan Li 2nd place
    • Leopold Li 3rd place
  • 中级组:
    • Maxwell Yao 3rd place

2015 VOCE 比赛 NSD

  • Ivan Li 2nd place
  • Alicia Yang 3rd place

2014教师协会 VOCE 比赛 NSD

  • Ivan Li 1st place,
  • Ronica Najmabadi 2nd place
  • 弦乐重奏:
    • Ivan Li, Maxwell Yao Alternate 1st place
    • Omid Frooholfada 高级组 3rd place

2013 教师协会 VOCE 比赛 NSD

  • Ivan Li 1st place.