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Sound of Hope International Music Festival 2018 Winner List

Grand Prize: Claire Lewis (Cash Award $200)

1st Place of All Piano Divisions:

  • Melinda Wang (Cash Award $100)

1st Place of All String Divisions:

  • Sohum Aluri (Cash Award $100)

Solo Piano Prodigy I (Ages4-6):

  • 1st Place Isabella Yang

Solo Piano Prodigy II (Ages7-9):

  • 1st Place Lucas Chen
  • 2nd Place Ander Chen
  • 3rd Place Dawn Kim & David Lee

Solo Piano Prodigy III-A (Ages10-12):

  • 1st Place Alan Liu-Sui               
  • 2nd Place Johanna Lee
  • 3rd Place Yunchen Gao & Vicent Liu

Solo Piano Prodigy III-B (Ages10-12):

  • 1st Place Angie Hou
  • 2nd Place Soeun Han
  • 3rd place Dana Kim

Solo Piano Junior (Ages 13-15):

  • 1st Place Jonathan Backues
  • 2nd Place Eric Wang
  • 3rd Place Isabella Liu
  • Honorable Gold Priscilla Lee

Solo Piano Senior (Ages 16-18):

  • 1st Place Michael Chen

Beginner String Division (No Age Limit):

  • 1st Place Sophia Liu
  • 2nd Place Yibin Cai
  • 3rd Place Jasmine Ren

Solo String Prodigy I (Ages4-6):

  • 1st Place Kevin Zheng

Solo String Prodigy II-A (Ages7-9):

  • 1st Place Isabella Chen & Apollo Cai
  • 2nd Place Lucas Ding

Solo String Prodigy II-B (Ages7-9):

  • 1st Place Ethan Yang
  • 2nd Place Ashivad Chourasia
  • 3rd Place Lily Huang & Hanlin Yang

Solo String Prodigy III (Ages10-12):

  • 1st Place Kevin Tran
  • 2nd Place Stephen Zhu & John Yuan
  • 3rd Place Jenny Mengmeng Li

Solo String Junior (Ages13-15):

  • 1st Place Leopold Li
  • 2nd Place Frank Li
  • 3rd Place Chenxin Ni

Young Artist Ensemble:

  • 1st Place Lucas Liu & Connie Tang