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The Hope School of Music commits to thrive music education in the greater San Diego area, to bring the joy and the spiritual enrichment of music, to promote the life experience of an individual’s growth. We believe the cultivation of LOVE and grow righteous character lead to a great success of music learning. Our teaching philosophy is to dwell in the music other than to receive knowledge passively. The Hope School of Music builds a platform that intergrades the music teachers’ teaching credentials and the community needs to achieve the best interest and outcome of music education. The director Mr Xuefeng Stanley Wang’s love of the kids music education dwells into his own words: “I have been a dedicate musician and teacher, the purpose of existence of this school is to let the community kids receive as the same good music education as I can provide for my daughter.” The school have brought hundreds kids beginner into the music world and many of them graduated from the Hope School of Music into their colleges and professional careers with the love and happiness of music as their life enrichment. Some of them have also been the top prize winners of major international music competitions and festivals. To name a few such as the first place of the 4th Hong Kong International Music Festival with the 40 thousands participants around the world and the gold medal of New York Music Protégé Competition etc. The Hope School of Music is set to be a leading brand in San Diego California.

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